Print Permission: What Permission Must a User Have to Print to a Printer?

In modern work environments, it’s essential to control access to shared resources, and printers are no exception. Print permissions determine who can use a printer and how they can use it. But what permission must a user have to print to a printer? Let’s delve into this crucial aspect of managing printer resources.

Understanding Print Permission

Print permission refers to the rights a user must have to send a document to a printer. It is a critical security feature in both business and personal settings, ensuring only authorized users can access the printer.

What Permission Must a User Have to Print to a Printer?

The Three Types of Print Permissions

Print permissions are generally categorized into three types: Print, Manage Documents, and Manage Printer. Let’s explore these permissions in more detail.

1. Print

This is the basic permission a user needs to print a document. It allows users to connect to the printer and send print jobs.

2. Manage Documents

This permission allows users to control print jobs, such as pausing, resuming, or canceling their own print jobs.

3. Manage Printer

This permission gives a user complete control over the printer, including changing settings, managing all print jobs, and sharing the printer with other users.

Assigning Print Permissions

Setting print permissions can be done via the printer’s properties on a network. You’ll need administrative rights to do this. Once assigned, users with the required permissions can send a Print Test Page to confirm their access.


So, what permission must a user have to print to a printer? At a minimum, the Print permission is required. However, depending on their role, users may also need the Manage Documents or Manage Printer permissions. Print permissions offer a way to safeguard sensitive information and ensure the smooth operation of shared printing resources.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I assign different permissions to different users?

Yes, you can assign different print permissions to different users based on their roles or needs.

How do I change print permissions?

You can change print permissions through the printer’s properties, under the ‘Security’ tab. Remember, you need administrative rights to change these settings.

What happens if a user tries to print without the necessary permissions?

Without the necessary print permissions, a user’s print job will not be processed, and they may receive an error message.

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