How to Fix Print Spooler on Android Phone?

Printing documents directly from your Android phone can be incredibly convenient. However, you may occasionally encounter issues with the print spooler. This is an integral part of the printing process on Android, and when something goes wrong, it can make printing impossible. In this guide, we’ll walk you through how to fix print spooler on Android phone and restore your device’s printing capabilities.

How to Fix Print Spooler on Android Phone

Understanding the Print Spooler on Android

First, it’s important to know what the print spooler does. Essentially, it’s a software that manages the printing jobs sent from your phone to the printer. It stores the print jobs in a queue, sending them in order to the printer. When the spooler encounters problems, your print jobs might not proceed as they should.

Common Print Spooler Issues on Android

There are various issues you could encounter with the print spooler on your Android phone. The most common problems include the spooler crashing unexpectedly or your phone giving an error message that the print spooler has stopped.

How to Fix Print Spooler on Android Phone

Here are the key steps you need to follow to troubleshoot and fix the print spooler on your Android phone:

Step 1: Restart the Print Spooler

  • Go to the “Settings” of your Android device.
  • Scroll down and select “System.”
  • Find and tap on “Advanced,” then select “Print Spooler.”
  • Choose “Stop” and then “Start” to restart the spooler.

Step 2: Clear Print Spooler Cache

If a simple restart doesn’t fix the issue, you might need to clear the cache of the print spooler.

  • Go to the “Settings” on your phone.
  • Scroll down to “Apps” or “Application Manager” and tap it.
  • Search for “Print Spooler.”
  • Tap “Storage,” then select “Clear Cache” and “Clear Data.”

After completing these steps, try to print your document again.

Prevention is Better than Cure

To prevent print spooler problems in the future, keep your Android device updated and regularly check the status of the print spooler. You should also regularly clear the cache of the print spooler to avoid issues.

Once you’ve fixed your print spooler, it might be helpful to print a test page. Not only will this confirm that the print spooler is working correctly, but it will also help you spot any other potential issues with your printer.


Learning how to fix print spooler on your Android phone is key to ensuring seamless printing from your device. By following the steps above, you should be able to troubleshoot and resolve any print spooler issues, ensuring that your Android printing functionality remains reliable and effective.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my print spooler not working on my Android phone?

The print spooler can stop working for several reasons, such as an overloaded print queue or a software glitch.

Can I disable the print spooler on my Android device?

While you can stop the print spooler temporarily, we don’t recommend disabling it permanently as it manages all print jobs on your device.

How often should I clear my print spooler cache?

It depends on how frequently you print from your Android device. If you print regularly, it’s a good practice to clear the print spooler cache once a month to prevent any issues.

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