Why Does My Computer Freeze When Trying to Print?

If you’ve ever been in a rush to print a document, only to have your computer freeze when trying to print, you know how frustrating this issue can be. Whether it’s a last-minute project, a vital business document, or a simple recipe you want to try, a frozen computer can bring everything to a halt. This article aims to provide insightful solutions to this common problem.

Why Does My Computer Freeze When Trying to Print

The Causes Behind Computer Freezes When Trying to Print

Before we delve into the solutions, it’s vital to understand why a computer freezes when trying to print. Several reasons could be at play here, including outdated printer drivers, insufficient memory, or an overloaded print queue.

Checking the Printer Driver

The first place to look when your computer freezes when trying to print is your printer driver. Drivers play a critical role in facilitating communication between your computer and the printer. If the driver is outdated or corrupt, it might cause your computer to freeze. You can resolve this by updating or reinstalling your printer driver.

Inspecting the Print Queue

An overloaded print queue might also cause your computer to freeze. When there are too many documents waiting to be printed, it can overload the system causing it to freeze. Clearing the print queue often resolves this issue.

Evaluating Your Computer’s Memory

If your computer doesn’t have sufficient memory to handle the print task, it might freeze. This can be a particularly common issue when trying to print large, graphic-intensive documents.

Print Test Page

A good way to troubleshoot and verify that your printer is functioning correctly after performing these steps is to print a test page. This process will confirm whether your adjustments have solved the problem.


In conclusion, if your computer freezes every time when trying to print, you can often resolve the issue by updating your printer driver, clearing the print queue, or ensuring your computer has enough memory. With these easy fixes, you should be able to print your documents smoothly without experiencing any freezes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do when my computer freezes while trying to print?

You can try updating your printer driver, clearing your print queue, or checking your computer’s memory.

Why does my computer freeze when I try to print a large file?

This might be due to insufficient memory. Try closing other applications or upgrading your computer’s RAM.

How do I know if my printer driver is causing my computer to freeze?

You can check this by trying to print a test page. If it prints without causing your computer to freeze, then your driver is not the issue.

How can I clear my print queue?

You can clear your print queue by going into the printer settings on your computer and selecting ‘Cancel All Documents.’

What are other possible reasons my computer could freeze while printing?

Other reasons could include issues with your printer hardware or network connection issues if you’re using a wireless printer.

Can Printer Ink Freeze?

Yes, printer ink can freeze if exposed to extremely cold temperatures for an extended period. Inkjet printer ink, in particular, contains water and other solvents that can freeze at low temperatures. Freezing can cause the ink to expand, potentially damaging the cartridge or printhead.

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